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  • We’re now an EXOS Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine location!
  • We’re now an EXOS Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine location!
  • We’re now an EXOS Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine location!



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Rated 5/5 based on 245 customer reviews
"I had a great experience with DIPT for rehabbing my shoulder. From the front office to the therapists, it was a very professional atmosphere. Therapist Chelsea was very knowledgeable and thorough. I highly recommend DIPT. "
Sep 11, 2019
"Robb and the entire team at Desert Institute are phenomenal. What sets Desert Institute well above others is that not only do the therapists really listen to the patient, are highly skilled, professional, 'think outside the box’ (utilizing many different modalities to optimize healing), but also the facility is always clean and welcoming with lots of positive energy. I am forever grateful to Robb for helping me heal from a devastating MVA - and got me back to teaching yoga! You can trust all the therapists here; I’ve also been treated by Corrie (equally amazing); and my husband has been treated by Chelsea (also awesome). You are in great hands with the entire staff here! "
Jun 10, 2019
"DIPT is a great place. Chelsea is an amazing therapist. She worked through all my issues with my knee and kept coming up with new therapies to address each issue. If I ever need PT again I won't hesitate to return to DIPT. "
May 22, 2019
"great exercises and personal attention and care."
May 03, 2019
" Having been to 3 other physical therapists for my knee, I can highly recommend Robb and the team at DIPT. They are knowledgeable, observant, and professional as well as friendly and empathetic. I am very thankful for their expertise and kindness. "
Apr 16, 2019
"Can't say enough good things about the staff and therapy. I have regained use of my shoulder. "
Jan 28, 2019
"Honestly, the whole entire staff is enjoyable. I have had a GREAT experience. I would recommend to anyone and would hurt my other leg just to come back. Chelsea and Brandon get a special shout out from me for being AWESOME. Thanks, DIPT for getting me back on my feet. I'll never forget you guys."
Jan 02, 2019
"I've been coming to DIPT under the care of Chelsea and it's been the best experience. In my first visit I was unable to walk without pain, and after sessions with Chelsea, I'm walking pain-free. She was patient, listened well, and very understanding of my recovery! I recommend DIPT, and I was so impressed with the professionalism and expertise of Chelsea! Thank you for the great care! G. Anderson "
Dec 26, 2018
"Robb is an awesome therapist. He really knows his stuff!!! He helped me get rid of scar tissue and congestion in my hip, improved my range of motion and we worked on both hips."
Dec 13, 2018
"Robb and the staff at DIPT came highly recommended to me and they did not disappoint. All appointments were on time. Robb explained all the exercises well so I completely understood what areas of my body the exercises were improving. After 6 weeks of therapy twice a week, I am feeling confident to get back to my regular exercise routine minus all the pain I was experiencing when I first arrived at DIPT. I have observed people receiving therapy for many different areas of their body and have seen their improvement also. All my paperwork and insurance was handled perfectly by the office staff. This experience was completely positive and I will miss my sessions with Robb and the techs. "
Nov 08, 2018
"I would definitely recommend Desert Institute of Physical Therapy to anyone in need of a good physical therapist. Robb is amazing ! He addresses your situation and works closely with you to make sure you are getting the best treatment for your needs. Actually all of the therapists are qualified and good. The office staff is wonderful and very pleasant. It is a very friendly environment . I have used this facility more than once. I highly recommend them and would not hesitate to return for any future needs. "
Oct 19, 2018
"My family has used DIPT for 20 years for therapy on a variety of sports injuries. The last three months I went in after rotator cuff surgery. Everyone was pleasant, encouraging, knowledgeable, and very professional. It was a pleasure to be at DIPT three times a week."
Oct 12, 2018
"The entire staff at Desert Institute of PT were outstanding. They are extremely knowledgeable and focused on getting you better as quickly as they can. They also do an exceptional job of keeping things interesting and when the therapy is monotonousness they are great at having a conversation to help you relax and pass the time, but still keeping you engaged in the therapy. I could not be happier with my recovery and highly recommend them to anyone. "
Sep 21, 2018
"Excellent experience! "
Sep 19, 2018
"DIPT was excellent! Helped me to recover after distal bicep tendon repair surgery. Chelsea did an amazing job in working with me to help get my arm back to normal. Huge improvement from the day I first came in to my last day - couldn't have done it without their amazing team. My first time for physical therapy, but have had experience with other facilities when my daughter had to have some PT - by far leaps and bounds better than a lot of other practices out there... Can't thank them enough."
Sep 10, 2018
"DIPT is a fantastic place. I came after having 2 surgeries, ankle and knee. Robb spent a lot of hands on time, balancing both injuries. The whole staff - PT staff and office personnel - very caring and knowledgeable. Now I feel assured I will be able to enjoy my trip to Europe with my granddaughter this fall. Many thanks to all."
Aug 31, 2018
"I had a motor vehicle accident in December 2017 and I has a spinal fusion surgery because of the fracture on my spine. I had to use a hard plastic brace for four months and lost most of my muscles. When my surgeon recommended physical therapy I searched for the PT centers close to my house and I found Desert Institute of PT and impressed by the high reviews. I visited the place for a free 10 minute consultation and I understand that they deserve the high stars they received. The center is very clean. All the people here (the physical therapists, ladies at the front desk, people who help the patients while they are doing their exercises) do their jobs excellent. I worked with Chelsea and she helped me a lot to strengthen and turn back to my normal life. Today is my final day here and I am very happy to had such a perfect service. "
Aug 20, 2018
"My experience with DIPT was amazing from front desk staff, interns and PT Dave Ramirez. I have made tremendous strides in my recovery progress thanks to Dave. "
Jul 27, 2018
"Excellent experience! The staff was professional and did a great job. I highly recommend this facility for anybody wanting physical therapy. "
Jul 13, 2018
"I chose DIPT because about 8 years ago, they helped me with the same issue of a pinched nerve in my neck. Although most of the faces have changed, the quality of the care has not. I am very satisfied with the care I got, and the successful resolution of my discomfort. One of the positive things about DIPT is that you don't have to wait for the tech's to help you with the exercises after the PT is done with you. Everything moves right along. "
Jul 03, 2018
"The DIPT therapists and staff are very professional, They are caring and listen to their patients to assist solving physical issues."
Jun 22, 2018
"I had an excellent experience at this facility (DIPT). I was taken care of by highly trained caring professionals who were a pleasure to work with. Both the physical therapy and the rehabilitation exercises were instrumental in facilitating my recovery. DIPT is also a remarkably positive place with very high ceilings and ample natural light and assorted music playing in the background. The facility does not convey a clinical experience. I would look forward to my visits and gained immeasurably over the course of a few months of rehab. I'm grateful to Rob and all the staff for their commitment and support throughout my rehab experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of physical therapy."
Jun 21, 2018
"They were all wonderful!"
Jun 15, 2018
"The experience of being treated here was beyond my expectations. The ENTIRE staff is amazing, and extremely professional. On a personal note, Chelsea was very attentive to how my symptoms played out in conjunction to my actual injury. Her abilities to adapt to this was outstanding. She was always helpful, encouraging and professional. She was willing to work with me, and for me, not against me. She listened, and made helpful suggestions that allowed for healing and growth. I would highly recommend this facility to any and all. Five stars does not give enough of a stellar rating to this most outstanding group. "
May 24, 2018
"I was referred to Robb at Desert Institute of Physical Therapy for a shoulder problem . The orthopedic surgeon who referred me spoke very highly about his dedication and ability. After successfully completing physical therapy I agree completely. Over the years, I have seen various therapists in the Valley for several different problems. Unequivocally, I can say that he is the best therapist I've seen. He and his staff are professional, attentive and extremely knowledgable. At Desert Institute you will receive highly personalized, professional attention from a physical therapist who is truly knowledgeable and devoted."
May 17, 2018
"Great experience with Desert Physical Therapy. Their skills and expertise is the reason for the improvement that I have made in the two months being here. Keep dorsiflexin and Bear Down!"
May 15, 2018
"I came to Desert Institute of Physical Therapy after a minor car accident. I had lower back pain and neck pain. The service received was really great! Everyone was very attentive and thorough in their area. The massages were fantastic, and the work outs increased at a very fine rate. It turns out that today is my last day, and I feel like my old self again. I'm very happy and pleased overall with the service. Oh, let me say that the front desk help was very friendly and welcoming each and every visit {M/W/F}. They were prepared to answer any concern with a big smile. I will miss coming here, but at the same time, I'm really pleased to be done with the service, cause that means I'm all done and ready to move on. "Thank you all for excellent service." "
Mar 28, 2018
"Great experience with DIPT Rob , Cory, Chelsea, Shay, Shalee, all very professional and helpful My goal was to recover from cervical disc replacement surgery and to play golf again. I am back playing and working out as well. Excercises that DIPT has provided are very helpful. and useful. Prior to DIPT, I tried another PT clinic but was not satisfied. DIPT is truly the BEST "
Mar 21, 2018
"Nobody ever wants to be injured, disabled or have surgery that requires going through rehabilitation but when I had to I sure am glad I was referred to The Desert Institute of Physical Therapy. From my initial consultation with Dave I knew I was in the right place. For over 4 months I worked primarily with Chelsea and I do not believe I would have recovered as well as I have or be able to do the majority of what I'm able to at this point without her working with me and pushing me to continually improve. Looking back 4+ months I never would have thought I'd be feeling as well as I do now and for that a sincere THANK YOU to Chelsea. Her knowledge, skill set and professionalism have been the absolute best I've ever encountered while going through physical therapy. Needless to say The Desert Institute of Physical Therapy is not a one person show. Judy, Diana and Karen run the whole operation and are a huge part of what make DIPT the place to go when needed for any rehabilitation and therapy needs. Everyone at the facility does much more than their intended role and their true caring for the patients they serve showed every day I was there for the four months. Much appreciation and thanks to everyone."
Mar 19, 2018
"DIPT helped me return to my normal routine by working with me to relieve the pain in my elbow due to tendonitis. I am still dealing with minor pain but I've come a long way from when I first started my sessions here. I owe that all to Dave and the rest of the team."
Mar 16, 2018
"Th staff is awesome from the front desk, to the assistant PT's, and the knowledgeable and experienced PT's. Great people to work with and it makes my therapy enjoyable. Felt wonderful after all my treatments are done. Thank you so much!"
Feb 09, 2018
"The staff at DIPT is very friendly and knowledgeable. They answered my questions and assisted in a speedy recovery. I would definitely recommend them and use them again if necessary. "
Jan 29, 2018
"After a car accident in November, my doctor recommended I try physical therapy at Desert Institute of Physical Therapy. This is by far the best physical therapy I have ever had, and I have been to several. Everyone was friendly, the physical therapists were very knowledgeable, and most of all, they listened to me. Today was my last day, and I left knowing the exercises they taught me will be part of my every day exercise routine. My dizziness is gone, tension in my neck and shoulders is gone, and I feel 100% better. This group is fantastic!"
Jan 10, 2018
"Came in after a rear-end accident and had pain in my upper left shoulder and neck. Found DIPT and called in for an appointment. They were quick to schedule and all of the PT's and the PTA's were great to work with. I felt like I was really taken care of and they took the time to really find out what hurt. I definitely recommend going to DIPT for any physical therapy needs."
Dec 12, 2017
"The staff are professional. Rachael - my therapist is knowledgeable and caring."
Nov 28, 2017
"Post shoulder surgery PT with Rob was a great experience to help with my recovery to get back to 100% at Crossfit. Rob and his team were very hands on with everything from the start of every appointment to the completion of the appointment over the entire course of my PT. I appreciate the hands on time with Rob as he was able to help dial me in with range of motion, and then on to the team with specific movements. Rob kept me honest and helped me stay on track so that I did not return to specific movements with Crossfit too fast. Now that I am completed with PT I am back to 100% at crossfit and again I appreciate everything Rob and team, including the front office to my road to recovery. Thanks again DIPT!! Travis"
Nov 16, 2017
"I had a great experience getting treatment from the team at DIPT. Robb got me back playing golf and feeling better then ever, thanks again. Joe Lloyd"
Dec 31, 1969
"What a wonderful experience! The therapists and staff at DIPT are exceptional in every way, thoroughly professional, warm, and personable. I received the treatment I needed to regain my health in an environment that was supportive and nurturing. "
Oct 25, 2017
"I have had an amazing experience here. The staff here is amazing and they really do care about your healing progress! I would highly recommend them to any family or friends of mine in need of physical therapy! "
Oct 24, 2017
"I received great care for several months following a car accident. Thank you everyone for your thoughtful, careful, and effective treatment helping me get back to normal!"
Oct 11, 2017
"Everyone at DIPT was great at helping me recover from my shoulder fracture, regaining range of motion and strength. Staff was always friendly and professional. This is my 2nd treatment at DIPT, previously treated for a frozen shoulder. Would recommend without question. Great team!!!!"
Oct 07, 2017
"The staff did a great job in diagnosing my hip pain and giving me a stretching and exercise routine to help treat the pain. They always did a great job of seeing how I was progressing and modifying the routine as we went along."
Sep 29, 2017
"Very pleased with the professionalism and the help that they gave me."
Sep 29, 2017
"This is very first time going to a Physician Therapy. Chelsea has been amazing, she is very patient, easy going and very easy to work with. I would recommend her to anyone that need a Physical Therapist in this area. "
Sep 22, 2017
"Eveything from facility, physical therapist, techs, and receptionist was excellent. I'm very pleased with my physical therapy and would recommend your facility to anyone. "
Sep 22, 2017
"Desert institute of PT is awesome. They listen to your needs and provide a treatment plan to quickly treat your needs. Dave is also terrific- he has an incredible understanding of how the body works and what causes pain. His advice went beyond my specific injury and it will certainly help me prevent injuries in the future. 5 stars!"
Sep 11, 2017
"I came in as a sick man and left as a healthy, healed man. The professional team led by David and assisted by Alyssa, are responsible for this miracle. Thank you very much!! The administrative staff was very cordial, kind, responsive, and accommodative. Well, I sure hope not to see you again... however, if I do need more PT I sure will be back here."
Sep 08, 2017
"Very satisfied with treatment. Everyone was warm and friendly. I would definitely return when needed. "
Jul 27, 2017
"Rob and Dave were great! Very knowledgeable, helpful, and attentive. Scheduling was easy, and the staff was great. Definitely would recommend DIPT in the future."
Jul 13, 2017
"I cannot praise Rob and his staff to much. Without exception, they were knowledgeable, helpful, and above all, caring. Almost worth getting injured again to be able to come back."
Jul 05, 2017
"This was the best physical therapy I have ever experienced. Robb and his support team were all very professional and thorough. I would recommend them to any person whose goal was to recover as quickly as possible from an injury or surgery."
Jun 16, 2017
"DIPT deserves a ten star rating. From start to finish, beginning with Judie at the front desk who is an absolutely master at scheduling your appointment at DIPT, to Dave, who is the very best physical therapist that I have ever worked with, to Joey, who is the master at getting you to stretch, work and build the area that needs work, everyone at DIPT is world-class. Whether you need to rebuild an area from a work, sports, or long-term injury, DIPT is the first and only physical therapy facility to go to. I recommend DIPT without question."
Jun 05, 2017
"When I started physical therapy here at the DIPT I could barely walk. I hobbled about like a pirate with a peg leg. Now I am able to walk in a fluid motion without much pain or discomfort. After each surgery I could rely on the staff here to get me back on my feet and walking around. I couldn't be happier with my experience here at the DIPT. I owe it to Dave and Joey for my improvements, it wouldn't be possible without them."
May 31, 2017
"Five stars are not enough for Rob and staff at DIPT. I was referred to Rob for hip and gluteal pain .With Rob's expertise, I have gained strength, ease of the pain and a greater understanding of how to manage on my own. He is extremely knowledge , easy to work with and has a gift in his work. I highly recommend Rob and his staff for any type of rehab,."
May 22, 2017
"Before starting my PT, I was experiencing extreme tightness & tension in the muscles in my neck, shoulders and upper back. I had continuous pain and discomfort throughout the day from my neck to my lower spine. Dave was thoughtful and professional in assessing my current status and determining the course of treatment. Everyone I worked with at DIPT was friendly, encouraging and helpful. My improvement was significant! Joey provided copies of all my exercises so I can maintain my health. I will miss coming here!!"
May 17, 2017
"Definitely a needed and rewarding experience. Would and have recommended highly. appreciate the help. Cory and Joey thanks!!"
May 17, 2017
"Great experience, very professional will recommend to my friends!"
May 08, 2017
"DIPT got me back in shape to hike Grand Canyon again. appreciate all the support from the staff."
May 03, 2017
"This was an excellent experience for me. I was treated for some minor shoulder pain that because of my profession I wanted to make sure did not get worse. Dave treated me for approximately two and half months while Joey and Meagan ran me through my exercises. They were all clear and concise with their direction, making it easy to learn and perform the movements.Everyone was extremely personable and the time flew by. One day I woke up without the shoulder pain and was able to start doing my normal full workouts at my gym. On my last day Dave and Joey discussed the various exercises again as I was doing them, to make sure I continued to do them right when I was doing them at my gym. They then gave me a list of the exercises with a pictures, written description of movements, and weight to use. If I every need physical therapy again this will be my first call. Thank you to all the staff."
Apr 28, 2017
"I can see why these guys get awesome ratings. From Judy at the front counter to Regina, Dave and Joey in the gym, they make you feel right at home. Got my Rehab done 4 sessions ahead of schedule on only a 12 week program! I will actually miss these guys."
Apr 27, 2017
"The DIPT was very involved with my lower back injury and helped me heal it 100%. They are always on time and very helpful and knowledgeable. The staff is excellent and very nice and they make therapy a very enjoyable experience, to which I would recommend the DIPT to anyone seeking a pain free life!"
Apr 24, 2017
"I came to DIPT with a two year old shoulder injury that I had just been "dealing with." However, the birth of my daughter made me realize that this was something I need to take care of so I could pick her up without pain. I also wanted to get back to my 5 day a week hot yoga classes! Regina was amazing. I had been to another PT, but Regina used techniques that I had never experienced before. I left my appointments with immediate relief of my symptoms. She was eager to get me moving in the direction of my goal. Well, being a new mom, going back to exercising I accumulated a couple more minor injuries to my knee and ankle and Regina treated those, too. It has been about 6 weeks and I am completely pain free and able to lift my baby no problem. I am able to return to the things I love thanks to Regina. I highly recommend her to anyone, she is extremely knowledgeable and effective!"
Apr 18, 2017
"DIPT is a one of a kind experience. Robb and his staff are professional as well as friendly. Great energy here as well. The PT experience was spectacular!!! I will miss coming here!!"
Apr 17, 2017
"In the past 8 months Rob, Regina, Dave, Judy, Karen, Diana, and the Techs, Joey & Mitch have redefined Physical Therapy for me. Regina provided dynamic healing for my torn rotator cuff (cuff gone, replacement surgery recommended). She created and implemented a plan of attack to strengthen and mobilize my shoulder muscles, which was tweaked with each session based upon my feedback, to expand the range of motion and flexibility. With her knowledge, encouragement, and gifted hands, the results were off the charts. My Mayo Clinic Ortho doctor was blown away. Likewise, when I tore my right hamstring last July, Rob & Dave implemented treatment to stabilize, repair, and strengthen the hamstring. Again, working with me, not on me, the results were fantastic. Through each experience the whole Team treated me as if I was their only patient, not only the physical therapy side, but also, the inner spiritual side which has a direct impact on healing our bodies. If you want a complete healing experience, throw away most of your pill bottles and check in with Rob and his team. Join the family!"
Apr 11, 2017
"good experiemce. Reached ny goals of walkimg nornally again and with good strenght in the legs again for hiking and simpkle cycling. Well run facility and very well trained and competent therapists. Assisstants very accomadating and efficient . Enjoyed my time here and pleased with the results of my therapy."
Mar 10, 2017
"Robb and the entire staff are a remarkable group of caring and supportive folks genuinely committed to helping folks heal. Robb has been a game changer for me in better understanding the sources of my pain and helping me through simple changes alleviate most of them. His is a compassionate and an extremely knowledgeable approach. I have appreciated the opportunity to work with him!"
Mar 08, 2017
"Great experience. Staff is very knowledgeable helpful and supportive in all activities. Even the front desk is knowledgeable and willing to assist. All therapy and exercises allowed me to make excellent progress towards all of my personal goals. Definitely recommend."
Feb 24, 2017
"DIPT enabled me to enjoy my time in Scottsdale. I came to play and practice golf and would not have been able to without receiving targeted therapy from them. The support was excellent."
Feb 17, 2017
"The Desert Institute team was fantastic to work with! They were instrumental in guiding me towards recovery and were very knowledgeable about how to treat my knee. Thank so much for everything you did for me!"
Feb 15, 2017
"Dave and the whole staff are excellent. The strength and range of motion in my knee improved greatly from my surgery. Although my knee is not at 100%, it is has improved to a level that I can resume most of my normal workout routines. Everyone here is very friendly and supportive."
Feb 15, 2017
"Dave took the time to ask questions and listens to my concerns. I will miss the massages. I am now pain free to play tennis. The staff was great. They were fun and professional. Thank you for all assistance."
Feb 03, 2017
"Regina worked miracles on my foot. When i came in i couldn't walk. In 12 sessions i am pain free and able to walk and resume daily activities.It is amazing she is the.best. Thanks for all you did for me. Steve"
Feb 01, 2017
"I had a great experience. not only did the team get me back on my feet, but they helped me get ready for my operation as well. They listened to my needs and took that all into account when working with me!"
Jan 18, 2017
"I was referred to DIPT and from the visit I was treated with professional care. I have been receiving therapy for some time and have seen improvement in my mobility and strength. The people are kind and compassionate and have helped me progress at a steady pace."
Jan 16, 2017
"After knee miniscus tear surgery, and a slow recovery, I was refered to DIPT by my yoga inst.- thank you Therese! From my initial call, Judy was so nice and welcoming on the phone setting up my appointments. My therapist, Rob was the best!! It was amazing how he could pin-point just what i needed to get back my knee strenght and range of motion. I was very comfortable with Mitch and Joey helping me with my exercises. They know what they are doing! I am so glad I came to DIPT, and will not hesitate to call if I need any other help. DIPT YOU ARE THE BEST!!"
Jan 12, 2017
"This is my very first experience with physical therapy. I had never done it before and therefore have no frame of reference. That being said, I found that I was given a thorough interview and a thorough exam at my first appointment. I have not had an MRI, so I did not have specific knowledge of what my problem was. I was told that without that they can only make an educated guess as to what my situation was. They prescribed a regimin for me to follow and led me through each maneuver until I was accomplished at it. They watched to be sure that my stance was correct for each application. They recommended various procedures for me to follow after my sessions are over. Each session began with a thorough massage of the affected area along with strenghening movements. Isometric type of movements. I was also given laser therapy for the affected muscle. I can absolutely say that I have seen and felt improvement since my sessions began. I only wish I could continue longer to see what progress I might make. Thank you all for your professionalism and thoroughness."
Jan 04, 2017
"I had a very long road to recovery and Corrie took great care of me the whole time! She knew when to push things, when to help me recover and when to send me back to the doc. Mitch and Joey were always there with a smile to walk me through the exercises. So glad this is where my doctor sent me for PT!"
Dec 29, 2016
"Really benefited from PT sessions. Was able to improve from using a walker, to cane, to no help and even hopping between legs. PT team was fun to joke with which helped alot when dealing with some pain. Regina was great and same with Matt. They backed off the session difficulty appropriately after additional surgery. I've been able to see noticeable improvement after each session. I strongly recommend them."
Dec 27, 2016
"I chose to use DIPT after shoulder surgery since my wife had such a positive experience with them several years ago. It was a great decision. I spent nearly 9 months rehabbing my shoulder after surgery. Dave and Regina were my primary therapists, and Robb and Corrie helped out as well. The supporting techs, Joey and Mitch, were terrific. They maintain a comfortable, warm and supporting atmosphere. It would be my first choice should I need PT again, and strongly recommend them."
Dec 21, 2016
"Rob and the staff are great. After a few visits i was back to normal. I never had a problem trying to schedule an appointment.. very flexible."
Dec 20, 2016
"Staff was great and very knowledgeable. They took lots of time to evaluate and address issues and worked with my doctors to present options for me. Appointments were on time as well! Highly recommend it (in fact, I already have a neighbor who made an appointment)!"
Dec 20, 2016
"Awesome experience!! came here after thumb surgery, in pain and on a scale 1 to 10, a 2 on mobility and pain. I am so grateful to Regina and staff for guiding me in my rehab and graduating to a 9 -10 from a painful 2! they all deserve a five star platninum rating and my highest recommendation to friends in recovery from sports injury or surgery."
Dec 14, 2016
"staff was knowledgeable and professional every time herniated disc and sciatic nerve problems were items treated and strengthened for more mobiltity and less pain for a return to normal life activities"
Dec 02, 2016
"Great team, great practice...really appreciate the time they take to diagnose, treat, and explain all aspects of their care. Dave and Regina know their stuff and make PT sessions something you don't have to dread!"
Dec 01, 2016
"Regina and Robb are both great and take time needed with any area that is affecting me at the time."
Nov 28, 2016
"My entire experience was great and my shoulder is really back to normal, or close to. Dave and the entire staff is very professional and provide a pleasant experience. Very knowledgeable. I had been to a different PT clinic and they were lacking in attention and methods. Here I was measured through my physical therapy and could feel but also see the results. I can not thank Dave enough as well as the assistants here. I will be back for sure if I need help again."
Nov 23, 2016
"I was requested to come here for physical therapy because of a sports related injury that occured at my college. All the physical therapist and other members of the staff here were very kind, friendly, and professional. They knew exactly what needed to be done to heal my injury, and got me back to the football field as fast as possible. Both Dave and Regina were helpful, loving, and understanding. I would definitely suggest others in need of physical therapy to come here and see any of the physical therapists. Loved the experience :)"
Nov 17, 2016
"DIPT always improves whatever problem I may be experiencing. Corrie is extremely competent, knowledgeable and understanding. Mitch and Joey are great to work with on the exercises and are very attentive and helpful. Everyone is pleasant and enjoyable to deal with. And Judy is always there to take care of all things administrative in the most delightful way."
Nov 17, 2016
"I have been through therapy for my shoulders several times and this has been my best experience. Although they have not completely healed, they have improved. I will come back if I need more therapy and would reccomend therapy here."
Nov 15, 2016
"I feel 75% better after treatment. I wish i were able to spend aqnother two weeks here.Ifeel that I could improve enen more. The staff was probably the reason that I made so much progress. They are wonderful people and so helpful. I"
Nov 02, 2016
"Robb and his team at DIPT is hands down the best that Arizona has to offer for physical therapy. I would highly recommend them to anyone. I want to give a special thank you to Judi and the front office staff for their warm, kind, and wecolming attitude."
Oct 28, 2016
"my name is Jaxon and I am 12 years old. i broke my my leg in july of 2016 and was sent to DIPT from my surgeon to help my get back on the baseball feild as quick as possible. The staff was very nice and made made feel at home evey time i come and got me back to running after my care. i really enjoyed coming to PT. I would suggest them to anyone who needs the care!"
Oct 28, 2016
"Robb and the staff at DIPT are top notch. When I hobbled in post-knee-scope, I couldn't walk, straighten my knee or put any weight on it with confidence. Under DIPT's care, I'm good to go after 6 weeks! They take the time to understand your individual situation and explain everything about your plan and exercises in detail. Your sessions never feel rushed. I had to reschedule a couple appointments and wound-up having the opportunity to work with two of the other physical therapists, Dave and Regina. They are all great and bring their own unique experience to your care. The office staff is nice and always responds quickly. I wouldn't go anywhere else for PT, period. Thank you Robb and team!!!"
Oct 28, 2016
"Rob and staff were wonderful....I felt better each time and their care and concern were great. I would highly recommend this practice and will make sure I tell Dr Chow of my great experience here so he can recommend others."
Oct 28, 2016
"This physical therapy experience was prescribed after having hip replacement surgery. I came here with more than hip issues to deal with, and Robb patiently guided, liistened, and encouraged me. The staff is helpful, watchful, and kind as well. I feel that the caring and skill helped me to regain so much of what I felt was lost, and I'd recommend DIPT as an excellent place to come for physical therapy."
Oct 21, 2016
"From my initial phone call to schedule, through every appointment my expeciance was great. Regina was my physical therapist. She listened to my complaints and frustrations with my knee pain follow a knee scope and second procedure. I previously went to two other locations that did "cookie cutter" physical therapy. It was a relief to find a physical therapist that listened to me, and treat my specific pain. Request Regina if you want physical therapy that is personalized to your specific need."
Oct 18, 2016
"Very knowledgeable physical therapists. Had a great experience fast improvements. I would definelty reccomend this place awesome job!"
Oct 06, 2016
"Great and friendly staff and front office!! I was referred to DIPT by my worker's comp and was pleasently surprised to recieve such professional instruction and care. My primary therapists were Dave and Tanya with additional help from Matt and Joey for my exercise routine. After only a few visits I was seeing great strides in my shoulder's mobility and strength during a time when I had conceded healing would take another six months. What I loved specifically was the ability to discuss certain limitations with my primary therapists and they would focus on those areas and adapt my exercise routine to support. They genuinely listened to my concerns and encouraged me to reach my recovery goals at my own rate of healing. DIPT is a great place for physical injury recovery."
Oct 06, 2016
"I was recently in a car accident where I was hit and spun around in the intersection. My hip was very sore and my lower back had a previous herniated disc from years ago. Desert Institute of Physical Therapy has fantastic people working for them. Judy in the front office is always on top of things greeting people. When I get to the therapists they always are very good asking how I am doing for the day and adjusting the exercises for me. It is very clean here as well. I am on my last day here and I feel a lot stronger in my lower back. They have given me copies of the routines I can do at home on my own and continue getting stronger."
Sep 30, 2016
"I injured my L leg playing too much tennis, pickleball and golf. (not 25 anymore!) I could hardly bend or walk on it. My ortho took xrays and mentioned a meniscus tear and strongly suggested physical therapy. I delayed it for several months, and still had a lot of pain, trouble walking for any length of time, or bending my leg. When I returned to AZ, I searched online for a top physical therapy facility and found The Desert Institute. How lucky was I!! Over a period of 10 sessions, I can walk normally, bend my leg, and can do things I haven't been able to do for many, many months. All thanks to my physical therapist Dave. Dave is very knowledgeable and was very patient as I asked many questions about what he was doing, why, and how this was helping me. Each week he listened to me and adjusted treatment which led me to feeling better each day. I also want to say how much assistants Mitch and Rob helped me by overseeing the exercises and making sure I was doing them right to achieve the results necessary. Judy at the front desk is wonderful. Everyone here is so pleasant, professional,and very knowledgeable. My experience has been exceptional! Thank you to everyone who helped me."
Sep 28, 2016
"I came in to see Corrie with shoulder, neck and upper back pain and immobility. Within two weeks, she corrected the issue, guided me through excercises to strengthen the area of issue, got me back to feeling great and resuming all normal activities. Thanks! The treatment and guidance worked!"
Sep 08, 2016
"Robb and crew are experienced, friendly and extremely compassionate. The first PT, of several that I tried, who would actually consider the connection of muscles and not zero in on one particular muscle and exclude the rest. I would highly recommend DIPT to those in need."
Sep 08, 2016
"I was requested by my ortho doctor to use the physical therapist of the his medical office. They had a difficult time scheduling me in the times I was available with my work schedule. They also had scheduled me with several different therapists. I didn't like the idea, so I cancelled and searched for a therapist that was aligned with my types of activites and close to my work. I google searched and found DIPT, which was close to work. I read all of the reviews and bios and found what looked like a good match. My injury came from a wakeboarding accident and low and behold Rob at DIPT was at one time a PT for the ASU wakeboarding team! I decided to give them a call and they were able to schedule me that same morning for my evaluation. The entire team was great to work with. They explained everything that they were doing and were all very personable. After just 6 weeks I'm healed up and ready to get back to the activities that I enjoy. If I ever need PT again I know exactly where to go! Thanks to the entire team at DIPT."
Aug 26, 2016
"everything was great, the people are nice and i see alot of improvement in evrything regaurding my injury. Less pain, more mobility and strength, everything is just all around better."
Aug 17, 2016
"When I came to DIPT, I was in pain and frustrated with my inability to complete my usual Crossfit exercise routine. The physical therapists, especially Dave, and staff at DIPT listened to me and helped me build strengh and realize a pain free life again. I am back to doing Crossfit and feel like a new person. I recommend DIPT for your physical therapy needs."
Aug 10, 2016
"Excellent treatment, great staff and friendly and helpful"
Aug 05, 2016
"Marcia Staff is excellent, friendly and professional. Attentive and compasionate. Would highly recommend."
Aug 05, 2016
"If you are ever injured in a sport or exercise or have the unfortunate experience of getting an injury from an MVC, then the first place that should come to mind to have a successful recovery is Desert Institute of Physical Therapy. The staff is attentive and truly seem to exude knowledge, empathy and confidence that you will return to as much as your normal self again pre-injury. The variety of exercises and the equipment are up to standard or above. I would recommend this physical therapy clinic to anyone, and I wish them much success."
Aug 05, 2016
"I had a spinal injury and surgery. The DIPT employees were great from the front desk scheduling to Rob, my therapist and the assistants working with me twice a week. My work out consisted of manipulation and exercises. We started slowly and worked up to more intense weights and exercises. They helped with my mechanics of bending and standing. I highly recommend DIPT, my strengthand mobility has increased and is much better than before my injury."
Aug 03, 2016
"first time I've had PT and was a great experience. I'm really happy with the results"
Aug 01, 2016
"Excellent in all respects: on time, clean, relaxed. But most important of all, successful. Great team. Thank you. Maurice."
Jul 22, 2016
"The physical therapy that I received here at DIPT has been the most beneficial in expediting my healing and mobility. The staff here are exceptional and very compassionate and caring. I would recommend physical therapy to anyone who has a great need for it and will recommend this clinic as the best in town!!! Thanks to all the staff who have been very helpful in my therapy."
Jul 12, 2016
"It was a pleasure to work with experts with such in-depth knowledge, empathy and passion. I've needed physical therapy in the past, but never had the one-on-one and caring therapy as the Desert Institute. They were highly recommended and I'm so glad to have found them."
Jul 06, 2016
"Best physical therapy clinic in Scottsdale, I highly recommend them."
Jul 06, 2016
"Everyone on the staff is great! Very friendly, always on time and all really care."
Jul 01, 2016
"I had a wonderful experience! The the staff are extremely knowledgable and are also so pleasant. They really work to ensure your comfort while still pushing you to improve! I am almost one year past therapy and doing really well. I highly recommend Desert Center!!"
Jun 30, 2016
"Best treatment I ever had. Great staff all around!!!!"
Jun 27, 2016
"After getting in a severe car accident in March and totalling my car I was having severe back pains. I couldn't even sit up at work or in a car for more than 20 minutes without laying down from the pain. Just 3 months later I am can make it through all my daily tasks without pain and am back at the gym doing my normal routine again. The entire staff was beyond helpful and extremly knowledgable. I wouldn't go anywhere else."
Jun 23, 2016
"Awesome Experience! Everyone here is so knowledgeable and very nice. Everytime I left feeling so much better. I wish I had an excuse to continue coming! Thanks for a great PT experience!"
Jun 16, 2016
"I am a retired figure skater and have been coming here for all of my physical therapy and rehabilitation needs since 2002. The therapists, techs, and staff are competent and personable, and the facilities are clean and well maintained. When I was still in training, the staff were very willing to work with my coach to formulate custom workout routines that would assist my recovery not only in daily life but also within the specialised demands of my sport. I have never failed to see improvements in pain and function for all of my (many) sports- and surgery-related injuries, and the staff at the front desk makes schedulling appointments and moving them around to fit my volatile schedule easy and hassle free. I would recommend the DiPT to anyone from professional athletes to laypeople seeking to receive quality physical therapy threatments."
Jun 10, 2016
"Best Clinic! Dave was great--especially since my knee was a revision and manipulation. I know I wouldn't have the range I have now if it were'nt for him 🙂 Thanks for all your patience and expertise!!"
May 31, 2016
"My experience was very god. The people here are very nice. The exercises and massages helped me alot. I saw a lot of improvement and am very happy."
May 27, 2016
"This is the best physical therapy clinic and staff around. They gave me plenty of attention and care for my injury. I made the switch from another physical therapy clinic after 6 months of little progress and after 2 months here, my arm is 10X better than it has ever been. This is the place to go for Physical Therapy. The staff and results are amazing!"
May 24, 2016
"This is my second time here, once for my knee rehab and now for my R thumb & L Shoulder. After 6 weeks at DIPT both issues have been resolved. Everyone here is wonderful at their jobs.. Thank you ALL!"
May 20, 2016
"The staff was wonderfu, friendly, and very knowledgable in their specialty. I have come along way since my initial visit and continue to heal. Thank you everyone for your attentiveness to my and others needs."
May 19, 2016
"I started with a torn calf muscle and over about 2 1/2 months they were able to fix it completely. Also, I became a lot stronger through core building exercises that hopefully will keep me healthy. I have a core group of exercises and stretches to keep doing to continue on getting stronger and healthier."
May 18, 2016
"Corrie changed my life! Seriously, I had total knee replacement on aqn already weak knee, challenges created by previous knee surgeries traumatized me. Corrie was patient, encouraging and so knowlegable, I really looked forward to my therapy sessions with her "magic fingers" and compassion, she gave me the confidence to push myself to heal.I am not sure I would have had the results if I had not be referred to DIP. It's the BEST therapy clinic ever!!"
May 16, 2016
"After fracturing my right distal radius mountain biking, my surgeon suggested DIPT. They were able to see me right away. Cory evaluated me and set me on a physical therapy plan. I had my concerns that I would not regain full range of motion and functionality. Cory set me at ease and reminded me that this was a marathon and not a sprint. As time went on, my range of motion and functionality returned. Today was my my last therapy session and have regained 95% functionality and strength. I can not thank Cory, Ariana, Dave, Justin and Matt enough for all they have done for me over the past four and a half months. If I am ever in need of PT again, there is no other place I would rather be. I thank you all for your kindness and patience."
May 13, 2016
"I was in extreme pain with a Rotator cuff injury when I began working with Dave. He was fantastic, explained what I could expect from the treatment. I am very happy to say that I have improved tremendously and am able to do almost everything. I would refer anyone to come here as it is truly the best Physical Therapy Practice I have ever been to. The assistants are also extremely helpful and professional, so all in all my experience was excellent."
May 13, 2016
"It was a long slow recovery from shoulder surgery at age 66. Robb, Arianna, Justin and Matt were incredible with the best treatments and keeping me motivated. (Not to mention the most helpful and responsive front office manager in medicine - Judie!) I went from "off the charts" pain to tolerable and then functional very quickly. Their care allowed me to get off the shoulder sling at least two weeks earlier than expected. It took a lot of attention and support from the whole team to reach the point of full strength and no pain. They were there for me at all times. Always patient with my complaints and thorough in their explanations. I finished pain free, but more importantly with the specific instructions/knowledge to continue my progress and remain strong and pain free on my own. This is simply an amazing organization that truly cares."
May 09, 2016
"I had no idea what pain free was until I came and spent time with Robb and team at DIPT, For years I thought living with back & neck pain was just part of getting old, just shared that at 53 I had my first pain free round of golf -- AND I killed it with my score! I would highly recommend to anyone looking to feel better AND avoid nagging injuries by learning preventative exercises -- God bless the foam roller plus "The Hammer" they use - you gotta try it!!"
May 09, 2016
"I came to Desert Institute of Physical Therapy to recover from a hip replacement and femur fracture. Dave helped me to regain the ability to walk unassisted and reduce the pain to almost nothing. I was grateful for his skills with many therapy techniques to achieve this result. Justin and Matt encouraged and challenged me during the exercises to help me progress. They also injected some fun into the process. All of the staff were also wonderful for their caring attitude, support, and encouragement."
May 04, 2016
"Slight tear right shoulder with pain and significant limitations of movement that affected daily activities. After several weeks of PT, I am 99% pain free and have been able to resume all the activities. Everyone at DIPT has been wonderful. Knowledgeable, attentive, encouraging and they have GREAT HANDS. I have the confidence to carry on and move forward. Thanks so much!!"
Apr 29, 2016
"I Had a very good experience here and the staff was amazing. Very informative and helpful. I had a sore elbow so they worked hard to make it feel better and it does. And showed me things I can continue on my own. If ever I need them again I will for sure go back to them."
Apr 27, 2016
"Dave zeroed in on my balance and feet problems and developed a good plan to increase mobility and strength in my feet and legs. Results have been encouraging and I am moving much better."
Apr 27, 2016
"At the age of 29, I underwent a L4-5 fixation surgery. I came to Robb at DIPT after receiving treatments from 6 physical therapists during a 18-month period after surgery. I was frustrated with my recovery progress and talked to Robb about my desire to be pain free and be active in life again. For 3 months, Robb treated me with manual therapy and a exercise program. Today I'm feeling much more confident about my body and myself. I also have started having fun in life (hiking with friends; travelling with my husband in the country and internationally). I never thought I would be able to accomplish this much! DIPT is also fun. The staff sees me as a friend, but not a patient. They really cheered up my spirits! Since having surgery, if I could save myself more time, I would have chosen DIPT first."
Apr 25, 2016
"I was diagnosed with severe shoulder and hip arthritis and therapy with Arianna has been fantastic. She is so skilled and it has helped enormously both in terms of my comfort and strength. I'll be really ready for surgery and am sure recovery will be quicker. Also, in addition to being very good at what they do, the team here is upbeat and fun. A great experience all around."
Apr 20, 2016
"I feel better now then before my injury. So thankful to be functioning again and to have no pain after being out with a herniated disc."
Apr 15, 2016
"Learning to walk like a normal person again after having foot surgery was not a chore here. Actually looked forward to therapy."
Apr 15, 2016
"I was in a bad bicycle accident with a car and fractured my left femur and required a titanium rod with 4 screws. I was having a lot of trouble getting into a physical therapy location near me and Judy, the receptionist, was very nice and helpful in working with my insurance while I was starting to go back to work and not having much free time to call my insurance myself. Once I got into Desert Institute I was evaluated the first day and given a few exercises to do on my own. I noticed that whenever I was feeling stiffness or soreness that if I did the exercise routine I would almost immediately loosen up and feel a lot better. I tried to keep consistent with my exercises at least once a day and I think that helped a lot during my early recovery. The staff helped treat me very well and do everything they could to help me get better ASAP. The stretches the therapist would give me were very good and would make me feel much better the rest of the day. I was lucky enough to have a very fast recovery with no more pain and about 90% mobility in my leg after only a few weeks. I am still hoping I can get my insurance to authorize more time for PT so that I can keep coming back because I really appreciate the specialized care that each of the therapists and assistants give me. Thank you DIPT team for everything and I hope you can help more people in need as well as you helped me. Take care, Andrew"
Apr 11, 2016
"Not only are all the pt & techs very knowledgeable but very personal as well. They make coming to DIPT a very positive experience. I will miss them and I would highly recommend DIPT to all in need."
Apr 11, 2016
"I have been with DIPT since March of 2015. I worked with CeCe and Ariana. It was a great experience. Both helped my ankles and knees get strong enough to do gymnastics full out. I will never forget the great and wonderful people at DIPT."
Apr 11, 2016
"I enjoyed my time here. DIPT took me in and evaluated me right away and started working on my shoulder the first day I came in. The workers here are all friendly and fun to be around."
Mar 30, 2016
"Had a broken ankle from roller derby and had surgery where a plate and 7 screws were up in. My Ortho referred me to DITP, and it's been the best experience. Adriana works wonders. All the staff is super awesome and friendly! I wouldn't recommend going anywhere else for PT."
Mar 30, 2016
"Loved being at DIPT. What an amazing staff, they helped me to get back on my feet and towards roller derby again. Arianna was the one who worked on me and she was absolutely awesome. The techs do an amazing job keeping my form tight and on point."
Mar 30, 2016
"I loved it so much!!! My PT was Dave and he did a great job helping me recover from my broken tibia injury. I did various exercises that were both fun and challenging at the same time. The entire staff was friendly and nice to work with. They listened and never made me do an exercise I wasn't comfortable doing. I would come back here if i ever needed to."
Mar 28, 2016
"I am so much better after my therapy at the Desert Institute. I had a knee replacement one year ago and had continual pain in the knee. My therapists used many different modalties to treat the pain, and I am now virtually pain free in the knee."
Mar 28, 2016
"After a car accident, my neck, back, and shoulders were causing pounding headaches. The team at DIPT quickly got me back on track! The staff here is amazing, I would recommend them to anyone!"
Mar 28, 2016
"I love your staff! Superstar Rockstarz!! After having lower back surgery these guys got me back to normal. My PT Dave is highly knowledgeable and made me feel at ease with my therapies. Thanks guys!!!"
Mar 25, 2016
"The staff is both professional and enjoyable. Having participated in college football and track, I was a bit nervous about how the staff would be able to accommodate the needs of my sport and my schedule. I am happy to say that scheduling was never a problem and they the staff was amazing at providing everything I needed to rehab as well allowing me to participate in my sports to the fullest of my abilities. The best physical therapy experience I have ever had!"
Mar 25, 2016
"After irritating my hip during my first half marathon, I immediately needed help as I could barely walk without it hurting. I was recommended to DIPT by my doctor. During my time at Desert Institute of Physical Therapy, I was treated with great care. The staff and PT techs were so personable and made my time during therapy fun. I worked with Dave, Arianna and Matt who took great care of me. They worked my hip back to 100% and I am back running my normal routine. I would definitely recommend DIPT to anyone who needs physical therapy."
Mar 16, 2016
"I came to DIPT before my total knee replacement in Dec, 2015 and came back 1 week after surgery. I couldn't be happier with my results. EVERYONE here is top notch! I worked with all of the PT staff (Rob was my main PT) and I would recommend any and all of them! Every time I came in (3 days a week for 11 weeks) I was treated very professionally and always felt so comfortable. This is the only PT facility I will come to and I highly recommend DIPT to anyone. I am back to hiking and regular exercise!"
Mar 09, 2016
"I had a torn hip labrum and my doctor referred me to DIPT . My hope was to avoid having injections and especially surgery. The exercises seemed so minimal compared to the discomfort I was experiencing. Midway through my therapy I had became challenged as well with vertigo. DIPT changed my therapy to help me with the vertigo. I have completed my sessions and absolutely no pain in my hip for a month, my neck is now relaxed and not only was the therapy a 5 star, the atmosphere at DIPT is terrific! It is uplifting, wonderfully kind."
Mar 03, 2016
"I started coming to DIPT in October this year after I tore my left ACL playing sand volleyball. My experience with my surgery was not great so I was looking for a physical therapist that would compensate that experience and be able to rehabilitate me back to sports to get me back to where I was prior to my injury. I went to several consultations prior to finding DIPT and once I met with Rob, I scheduled my first appointment before I left their office. All the staff is amazing, they are personable and make the therapy fun which was important when you are struggling getting your strength back. I would and do recommend DIPT to my friends and family. I hope to never have to have surgery again, but if I do, I definitely know where I'm going."
Feb 24, 2016
"I came to DIPT after 80-90% tears in three ligaments on my ankle. My goal was to avoid surgery and progress to a point where I could run again and function at a high athletic level. Robb and the DIPT staff were on time, thorough, creative and dedicated to my recovery. Regardless of who I saw on a given day, they kept track of my progress and worked with me to accommodate specific physical work requirements I needed to fulfill that included heavy physical activity wearing upwards of 60+ lbs of equipment. In addition, DIPT coordinated with my orthopedic surgeon and explained their recovery process and philosophy in a way I could understand. I would recommend friends and colleagues to DIPT without hesitation."
Feb 24, 2016
"Came here for rehab after knee replacement. Expected lots of pain to get back to normal. Much to my delight had NO PAIN (a little discomfort). Everyone here really knows their job and how to help patients achieve their goals. Besides it was fun and like being with good friends. I would very highly recommend DPT!"
Jan 20, 2016
"My experience was excellent - exceeded my expectations. I had physical therapy pre- and post-op for hip replacement surgery. These treatments helped immensely with a quick post-op recovery. The staff was great from Dave my PT to Lindsay and Justin the PT techs. They are very professional and provided specific treatments for my needs. I would recommend DIPT to anyone requiring physical therapy."
Jan 08, 2016
"I came to Desert Institute after an auto accident. Everyone was extremely professional, knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. I am very thankful to the staff for all of their hard work and would recommend this team to anyone!"
Jan 08, 2016
"I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder and had a lot of pain and restrictive movement in my shoulder/arm. Within 2 months I was pain free, and within 4.5 months I had a huge improvement in my range of motion. The staff (PT and PT Techs) is very knowledgeable and give great advice in helping to improve week by week. Thank you DIPT!!"
Dec 30, 2015
"Robb and all the staff were so helpful in treating my neck and back issues. I am grateful for their help in alleviating some of the pain related to an old injury. I am not 100% yet but will continue exercises at home and hope for further relief! I would have continued therapy with Desert Institute if my insurance had not changed:("
Dec 30, 2015
"Ruptured a disc in my back and had to have back surgery. Laser micro discetomy. Surgeon referred me to DIPT for therapy. Stayed with DIPT for over a year as I worked through recovery. They got me back in shape and back to playing hockey. They started off with the basics and worked in specific exercises to help me get back to game shape as I progressed. They are like a big family with great staff that care about your progress in and out of the clinic. I would recommend them to anyone who needs PT, especially if that person lives an active lifestyle and wants to get back to it quickly."
Dec 14, 2015
"Great staff. Have better range of motion and walk longer without having to rest. Thank you very much."
Dec 11, 2015
"I came to the staff at the Desert Institute of PT with a shoulder injury due to my participation in CrossFit. I met with Cee Cee to go through an evaluation and begin steps towards recovery. Everyone at DIPT was very professional and attentive to helping me get back in to the gym. Prior to coming to DIPT I had to shut down all overhead weighted exercises, push-ups and pull-ups. I am now back in the gym working at 90% and getting better every day. I highly recommend DIPT to any athlete looking to recover from an injury quickly and safely."
Nov 20, 2015
"After an automobile accident, I called DIPT and they got me in right away and got me started on a full program to recovery. The staff is super friendly and accommodating. I worked with Dave and Arianna and both were knowledgeable and great. I would recommend DIPT to anyone."
Nov 20, 2015
"I came here after getting in a high speed car accident, and got all my soreness taken care of in about 2 months, and I feel like my normal self again."
Nov 20, 2015
"My experience with Desert Institute of Physical Therapy was great! The therapists and technicians explained everything to me and were great to work with. I will recommend you! Thank you!"
Nov 18, 2015
"I was referred to Robb by a family member. I never realized that there was a difference in physical therapists until I came to DIPT and worked with Robb. To me he is the most capable PT that I've ever worked with. He understood my problem, my procedure and my treatment in ways that went beyond what I expected. After my surgery I was scared and in pain but I found myself looking forward to my sessions with Robb because I knew that I would be cared for. Plus, they make it fun. I would recommend Robb and the staff at DIPT to anyone who is experiencing pain and wants to get well."
Nov 16, 2015
"PT - CEECEE was great to work with. The complete staff was knowledgeable, energetic and amusing making the experience pleasant always."
Nov 13, 2015
"Ran into an unfortunate knee problem mountain bike riding and the good folks at the DIPT helped me to get my spring back. They have a very knowledgeable and helpful staff who gave me the tools and inspiration to get back to 100%. I would recommend this place to anyone seeking a happy and helpful physical therapy experience! Big thank you to Dave, Ariana, and Lindsey!"
Nov 12, 2015
"Exceeded my expectations!! I've sought their services for (3) different (and unrelated) injuries this year. I've made a full recovery with all (3) and in fact, feel stronger today than before! The staff was in tune with my specific needs and was able to provide a personal treatment program that was required for me. I recommend Desert Institute of Physical Therapy to anyone who has an injury and is looking to get back to feeling good. They also provide a positive energy environment that is conducive to recovery and good vibes :)"
Nov 11, 2015
"I have nothing but the greatest respect for Dr. Rob Blackaby and his staff. True professionalism, caring, knowledgeable and compassionate are the words to best describe the care that I received. I am back to playing golf, grandkids and pilates and pain free. The best!"
Nov 03, 2015
"DIPT did an excellent job helping me recover from a back injury. CC handled my PT and was outstanding - very knowledgeable and helpful. Arianna was back up for some appointments and was excellent. Justin instructed on the exercises and did a great job. It is a great team and they got me to 100% quickly."
Oct 28, 2015
"It has been 15 years since I could put my left elbow out the window when I drive! A few months with your team has changed how I feel. I have tools to keep my flexibility and know I will have enhanced quality of life. As a surgeon I thought my body was "stuck" in my stance! I feel human again!!! Thank you all! The entire team is the bomb!!!! Jeff M."
Oct 19, 2015
"I came to Desert Institute with slight rotator cuff problems and a frozen shoulder. I was referred by a friend and was not disappointed. I saw Dr. Robb Blackaby for several sessions along with Arianna. I also worked with Lindsey during my therapy. They were all wonderful and were instrumental and helping me get back to using my right arm and relieving me of the pain that was interfering with my quality of life. I would highly recommend Desert Institute and particularly Dr. Robb and Arianna to anyone in need of physical therapy. The entire staff was friendly and very accommodating with my sched"
Oct 19, 2015
"I have been a patient of Dr. Robb Blackaby's for the past couple of months for my lower back pain. He and his staff were able to get me back to feeling like myself again. They taught me the correct way to move in my everyday life. And also great exercises to do at home or the gym to help prevent future episodes with my back. Invaluable! Thanks Dr. Robb & staff!"
Oct 10, 2015
"I have had several injuries in the past and been to several Physical Therapy places to receive treatment but I have never experienced such wonderful and extremely friendly place to recover from my injuries. I would recommend DIPT to all my friends and family. The quality of care from the moment you call to schedule your first appointment to when you graduate it has been a great experience."
Oct 09, 2015
"The staff at Desert Institute was great helping me to do what needed to be done from a back injury from a car accident. They explained a plan and helped me every step of the way to execute it."
Oct 07, 2015
"My experience with the Desert Institute of Physical Therapy was nothing less than exceptional. From the moment I walked through the door, I was treated kindly, professionally & respectfully. Judy & Cassie are wonderful & so great at what they do! And, the difference (especially) CeeCee, Ariana & Lyndsay have made in my recovery is huge, and I am grateful beyond words. I will certainly be recommending DIPT to anyone I meet who needs PT services. Thank you all, for helping me regain my confidence & helping me heal."
Oct 06, 2015
"I can honestly say that the The Desert Institute of Physical Therapy saved my life and my career. Back in April I sustained a serious lower back injury at work. The pain in my back and right leg was so intense that I couldn't walk or even stand up for that matter. I feel like I won the lottery on my 1st day there. I was up and walking in no time and spent the next 5 months getting back to where I could perform at work, etc. almost as I had before the injury. They are the best at what they do, are personable, professional and go way above and beyond the norm for their patients."
Sep 30, 2015
"This is an excellent facility. The staff are professional and knowledgeable providing extreme quality care. It is also a fun environment that promotes quicker healing."
Sep 25, 2015
"I had a fantastic experience at Desert Institute of Physical Therapy. My situation restricted the amount of time I was able to be in therapy, and in the short 5 weeks that I attended DIPT my pain was drastically lessened and I was feeling exponentially better. I was impressed with the professional staff and their willingness to help me feel better. The care I received at DIPT was above and beyond my expectations. I have nothing but good things to say with my overall experience."
Sep 11, 2015
"My experience here was very enjoyable. As a D1 college soccer player a speedy recovery is essential to my progression on to the pros and DIPT did the job better than anywhere else could. I would highly recommend this facility to ANY athlete in need of recovery."
Aug 31, 2015
"The Desert Institute of Physical Therapy was truly a fulfilling experience in every way! After my rear-end car accident, I attended sessions 2-3 times a week in hopes of regaining my mobility back in by head and neck region. CeeCee and the other therapists and techs are extremely skilled and knowledgeable in the work they do. From the information and guidelines to the exercises taught there on site and to take home, Desert Institute comes highly recommended!"
Aug 31, 2015
"I have recommended my friends to DIPT. The atmosphere at Desert Institute of Physical Therapy is professional, friendly & caring, and encouraging. The treatments and home programs are the best!! I will use them again if needed."
Aug 28, 2015
"I had a shoulder operation after many years of abusing my shoulder on a baseball/softball field. Working hard to get back on the field and DIPT has helped me immensely. Their attention to detail and willingness to help has been second to no. I would return for any injury I hope I don't have in the future!"
Aug 26, 2015
"My entire experience at DIPT was fantastic. The front desk, staff, and therapists were friendly, caring, and encouraging. Robb was exceptional and every therapist made coming each week incredibly enjoyable. I felt supported throughout the entire process and would recommend them to anyone."
Aug 26, 2015
"PT here was like no other PT I've ever been to. It was hands on and I always felt like I was taken care of. It was extremely personal and positive."
Aug 26, 2015
"The staff at Desert Institute of Physical Therapy were excellent. The PT Therapist knew what they were doing and the techs were great, also. I have been doing PT for 8 weeks. I walk daily, about 2 miles. My thought was I would walk until I needed a knee replacement.Through PT I have gained strength and flexibility in my leg and knee. For about the last two weeks I have been pain free on my walks. I highly recommend Desert Institute of Physical Therpy."
Aug 26, 2015
Aug 14, 2015
"Everyone at DIPT was so helpful and nice. I saw great improvement after each visit and was happy to be able to get back to work quickly."
Aug 11, 2015
"Friendly, well informed staff. They taught me what I needed to do going forward to prevent the injury from returning. I would recommend them to anyone."
Aug 10, 2015
"My dedicated therapist CeCe was superb, along with Ariana and the rest of the staff helping me along the way. Judy & Cassie were always so cordial and pleasant while scheduling my therapy days. I wouldn't have recovered so quickly from my laminectomy if I hadn't come to this therapy facility. I would recommend DIPT in a heartbeat to anyone."
Aug 05, 2015
"Always a fun atmosphere and all the PTs pay their full attention to all of my pains. They were really flexible with their schedule and I always got a great workout. I wouldn't go anywhere else."
Aug 03, 2015
"I have had the best experience working with the staff at DIPT! Everyone is so good at what they do. I feel so much better now! I have always referred my friends to DIPT and I will continue to do so! Thank you Everyone."
Jul 31, 2015
"I first came to DIPT with a neck injury and I could barely turn my head to the left. After just two months, I have full motion back in my neck thanks to the team at DIPT. The staff is professional, friendly, accommodating, and provide a relaxed and comfortable environment for recovery. I would recommend DIPT to anyone and everyone that is looking for physical therapy!"
Jul 30, 2015
"After months of hip pain I finally saw an orthopedist and discussed different treatment options. Surgery just wasn't in the cards for me at the time and after a couple weeks of therapy with DIPT I felt extremely good! I didn't even realize how much motion I had lost and discomfort I had until therapy helped bring it back to the level I was at. I can now go back to enjoying things like hiking and water sports without discomfort and pain thanks to DIPT! Very friendly and enjoyable staff!"
Jul 24, 2015
"When I arrived at Desert Institute Physical Therapy, I was injured from a significant fall. I sustained a concussion and bodily injury to my neck, thoracic spine, lower back and elbow. The team (Dave, Ariana, Jeff, Justin, Kayla and Callie) worked diligently to ensure I had the best care. They not only worked hard to heal me, but they gave me specific instructions on how to continue to heal myself beyond their care. I left pain free!! I am also back to my work out routine. The best part of PT is they are the most friendly caring staff from the front office to the PT floor."
Jul 24, 2015
"I cannot say enough positive things about the Desert Institute of Physical Therapy. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, and the quality of care received went beyond my expectations. I give this Institute my highest recommendation."
Jul 20, 2015
"I came to DIPT for a sports related injury and 4 weeks of prescribed rehab. I met with Cici who attentively listened to what happened to my thigh & thoroughly evaluated the problems I was having with bending my knee. Over the next 4 weeks I worked with Cici, Cayla, Arianna Dave, and Justin. They were the best to work with and I believe with their encouragement I was able to improve and 4 weeks later I'm completely back to normal. These people ROCK! I would definitely recommend DIPT!!"
Jul 16, 2015
"CeCe and her support employees are very good at what they do. I came in feeling very poorly, carrying all the stress across my shoulders and neck. They were able to get me back to my normal lifestyle."
Jul 10, 2015
"Everything at DIPT was top notch. From scheduling to direct therapy to the guidance of exercises, all of the staff was helpful, friendly and encouraging. This being my first surgery and physical therapy experience, I didn't know what was involved, but the care was more than I could have expected. Dave was a great therapist and pushed me to get back to being active after ACL surgery. I hope I don't need the services of DIPT again, but if I do, there is no doubt this is where I will be!"
Jul 08, 2015
"The experience has been great. I was experiencing a loss in mobility that hindered my golf game and even crossing my legs was difficult and painful. As I have progressed with therapy I have regained a great deal of mobility and I experience less pain golfing or doing other every day activities."
Jul 08, 2015
"My first experience with Robb was at wakeboarding nationals in Las Vegas. Out of the blue I asked if he would check out my shoulder, and he worked on it for maybe an hour and that night was the first time I could sleep on my side in months. After that I started visiting him at Desert Institute of Physical Therapy and really enjoyed the treatment I received from him and his staff. Both Robb and Ariana have been working on my shoulder and I have noticed a significant reduce in pain and increase in the range of motion. I would highly recommend DIPT to anyone I know!"
Jun 24, 2015
"Cee Cee did a great job working the knot out of my leg and assigning some exercises that will help keep it loose. The staff members that assisted with the exercises were professional and helpful."
Jun 19, 2015
"I enjoyed everything about my experience with DIPT. I came in with severe pain that no one was able to diagnose, despite a laundry list of tests. Robb went above and beyond in his care and treatment, finding creative ways to approach my symptoms as we searched for the source of the pain. Every single member of the staff is warm, courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable. I would recommend their services to anyone in need of physical therapy, no matter one's age, fitness level, or injury."
Jun 17, 2015
"They are all very professional, friendly and helpful. You have their complete attention during your appointment. No negatives."
Jun 17, 2015
"I have not been going here for very long but I have seen positive results after 2 weeks or so. My back pain is minor compared to what it was before, and the staff is friendly and helpful. So far I have enjoyed my experience and always look forward to my next appointment!"
Jun 15, 2015
"Great people. Fast recovery. Thank you!"
Jun 12, 2015
"Everyone took excellent care of me. When I arrived initially after a motor vehicle accident, I was in so much pain. Robb has been amazing, and the care I received was priceless. Everyone is professional, and genuinely caring individuals. The environment is therapeutic and promotes good health. They are very accommodating and helpful with scheduling. I feel so much better! Top notch!"
Jun 12, 2015
"Living in two different states and dealing with more than one type of injury/surgeries over the years, I have experienced several different Physical Therapy professionals. Desert Institute of Physical Therapy and Robb Blackaby are without a doubt the best I have encountered. Robb has outstanding expertise and seems to have a better understanding of the body and what it takes to heal. All of his staff are excellent and a pleasure to work with. Robb treats each patient individually as opposed to some therapists which seems to treat all patients from a textbook no matter what your age."
Jun 12, 2015
"Robb and the whole staff at Desert Institute of Physical Therapy are excellent. My experience here has been very positive, and I have made great progress in my mobility. Everyone here has always been very professional and personable. I am going to actually miss coming here."
Jun 10, 2015
"I returned to DIPT, after a fall on my artificial knee, as my original physical therapy here had been exceptional. Corrie achieved great results in the two weeks I had available, relieving pain, improving my gait, and generally healing the injury.The staff are professional, caring and innovative. A positive experience in every way."
Jun 09, 2015
"David is so amazingly awesome as a therapist, I am fortunate to have found him. All of the staff are so courteous, they feel like family. It has been 10 months of therapy and have been helped tremendously. I couldn't imagine having received better care anywhere else."
Jun 05, 2015
"From the diagnostic/evaluation to working with a therapist to being guided through exercises, it was a great experience. DIPT staff has a wealth of expertise and it's clear that they love sharing it to help their clients get better. My thanks to Dave, Ariana, Justin, and Jeff - a great team."
Jun 05, 2015
"I came herein march with a hamstring injury from a Xterra cross country race. Dave was my PT specialist and spent the next 11 weeks putting me back together. Dave along with Jeff, Callie and Kayla assisted me with the exercise routines 2 to 3 times a week. they were all knowledgeable and fantastic to be around. Im happy to report and "good to go" back to Ironman training thanks to there hard work and expertise.. This is my 4th year with rob's outstanding staff. everyone working here played a part in the healing process. thank you thank you thank you"
May 27, 2015
"My experience with Desert Institute was 100% positive: every employee was professional and helped with my progress on my total right knee replacement. I would totally recommend DI for anyone in need of PT."
May 13, 2015
"Highly re-commanded. my experience with Rob and his staff was awesome. I had a sever Herniated Disk. After my surgery, I couldn't move my body at all. Rob with his magical work and his assistants helped me to recover myself easily. now I can tell I am almost 100% recovered. everyone who works there, are friendly and professional. However I had to drive at least half an hour to get there, but If I need Physical Therapy again, I will choose them again."
May 12, 2015
"Robb and the staff at DIPT are excellent therapists. I felt that Robb truly understood my hip flexor pain and was able to treat it quickly and effectively with his healing hands and then my at home workouts. I would recommend DIPT to anyone that has an injury or something that just doesn't fell "quite right". I can now say with confidence that my hip flexor pain is gone and I'm back to all my regular activities! Thanks Robb and DIPT!"
May 06, 2015
"I have had the best physical therapy experience at Desert Institute than at any other facility. I have been in physical therapy for many years. Since working with Corrie I have made excellent progress. After 4 back surgeries I was still in pain. However, since working with Corrie my pain has been reduced by 50%-75%.I highly recommend this facility."
May 05, 2015
"I was out of options with the pain I was experiencing in my lower back. After dealing with the pain for a couple months, I made the choice to see the experts at Desert Institute of Physical Therapy, and immediately started feeling relief for the first time since my injury. When my sessions were completed, the pain was completely alleviated and I was able to return to all my previous activities. Their professionalism and dedication to healing made the process fun and enjoyable. As an avid golfer and hockey player, it's a relief to know that DIPT is here to help."
May 04, 2015
"I had a total knee replacement in January when I started here with Dave...I found him very knowledgeable, helpful and every week I could feel a big change.,.. Everyone that helped in the gym had a lot of patience with me and helped a great deal.. If I didnot come here I am sure that I wouldn't be walking they way I am today...."
Apr 27, 2015
"I had a really good experience here. CC really helped me and was always trying to do everything to get me back to 100% as quickly as possible. She is a great PT and I am really glad I had the opportunity to work with her."
Apr 22, 2015
"Experience was wonderful. Everyone was very courteous, respectful & helpful. I would rate it 5."
Apr 16, 2015
"I have received care at DIPT for different orthopedic conditions over the years. I feel that Rob Blackaby and the manual therapy techniques used have given me the improvement I needed. Exceptional care from the entire rehab team, thank you!"
Apr 06, 2015
"I experienced a total restoration of full range of motion and utilization of my ankle and shoulder from the therapy I received at DIPT. The quality and professionalism of the entire staff made my rehab a very positive experience. I highly endorse them."
Mar 27, 2015
"DIPT has been there to support me and my gymnast daughters for 6+ years - their amazing assessment skills and therapies have without a doubt helped through the healing process. Although we love the safe, clean environment and how punctual everyone is, it is the caring professionalism that brings us back. The entire staff from the front desk and the billing personnel, to the Physical Therapists and the trainers, makes us feel like family! My girls and I cannot recommend DIPT strong enough for anyone who needs a physical therapy with a lot of compassion!"
Mar 26, 2015
"I came to DIPT on crutches with torn knee ligaments. The folks started me on therapy and a fairly aggressive exercise program. I have not needed crutches since the first session. Over the course of several weeks, I became able to perform more and more activities with less discomfort. The therapists are personable and challenge you to progress. I have finished my two months' course of therapy and have avoided surgery. I am nearly 66 years old and have returned to building houses with Habitat for Humanity and two weekly exercise classes. DIPT can help you, too."
Mar 20, 2015
"Thank you to all the staff here! You are all a big key to my success post injury as a Hotshot Wildland Firefighter. Corrie was instrumental in my initial complex evaluation and Rob and Dave instrumental in my very detailed continued treatment. Callie, Jeff and Judy were instrumental in the details of my care. I will continue working on our nations wildfires as a hotshot due to my tremendous support here-this physical therapy staff is simply put -the best!"
Mar 18, 2015
"Thanks for all your help. CC, Callie, and Jeff have been extremely helpful. I would tell everyone to come to you facility. Every time I was her was a pleasant experience."
Mar 17, 2015
"My experience was one of the most positive therapy experiences I have had to date.. The care and expertise of Rob was amazing. All the staff was professional, pleasant to work with and friendly. There is not one thing that was negative about Desert Institute. It was a blessing for me to have experienced their care."
Mar 13, 2015
"As a 25 year old Amateur skateboarder, it was next to impossible trying to find a physical therapist or doctor who wasn't telling me to just quit on my favorite pastime. Finding the Desert Institute of Physical Therapy has been the blessing i've been looking for. Not only is the staff incredibly knowledgable, but they are also fully supportive of my goals, and expectations for my body. Not only have we worked to regain my strength after surgery, but also on every muscle that helps to make me go! I would suggest DIPT for anyone who wants to exceed their physical limitations."
Mar 05, 2015
"When I fist started treatment I was sure it would be a lengthy and uncomferble process. The physical therapists and technitians at DIPT exceded my expectations and provided me with top of the line care and treatment. Greetig wIth a smile and treatment that is necessary and yealds tremendous results. Just over a month of treatment and im returnjng to work! I would recomend them to anyone that is antious to heal quickly and properly"
Jan 21, 2015
"Myself and my whole family have been clients @ DIPT and we are always happy with the results. I recently came in for constant headaches and neck pain. Rob was great as usual! After several weeks of PT and doing home exersises, I have no more headaches and my neck feels great. If I or anyone in my family need any type of PT I know we will come to DIPT. Rob and the whole staff are awesome!!"
Jan 12, 2015
"Desert Institute ROCKS! EXCELLENT service, guidence and answering all my questions! This is my second time here with PT at other locations between, by far the best facility I have ever used! Thank you Robb for creating the best team a facility!"
Dec 19, 2014
"Robb Blackaby and the Desert Institute of Physical Therapy staff are highly trained professionals that are all extremely nice. If you ever need help this is definitely the place to go!"
Dec 19, 2014
"Came in with a really difficult injury to repair and was not abke to run even a 10th of a mile because of it. After 3 months of Pt I can run almost a full mile with no pain and improving daily. The people at DIPT are miracle workers!"
Dec 12, 2014
"Very professional, personal and the physical therapy has been very beneficial in getting my shoulder and arms to function again."
Dec 12, 2014
"I am so pleased and grateful to the DIPT staff aiding in my recovery from a serious foot fracture. No fancy gadgets. I appreciate the one on one attention from the therapists to the PT support staff. Robb Blackaby has worked miracles."
Nov 24, 2014
"It is my 2nd time coming back to DIPT. Since I am a skateboarder and Rob skates too, and he knows what my body needs to get back on the board. Great treatment from everyone there and they are very caring and helpful."
Nov 19, 2014
"Wondrful, Rob and his staff are very well trained and pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend them!"
Oct 27, 2014
"The moment I arrived for my physical therapy after my hip replacement I felt extremely welcomed. I was in some serious pain and a bit scared but after my first week everyone there felt like family already . Rob, my PT was awesome in every way possible . I no longer have a limp when I walk! He has helped me so much with my recovery. Not only did he make me feell comfortable but he has a hysterical sense of humor as well. Callie and Jeff were awesome as well. They gave me onfidence with my new exersise program and were always motivating me to keep going. I look forward to every appointment! I would recommend DIPT to everyone!"
Oct 01, 2014
"Dr. Blackaby is incredible to work with. This the second injury I have had him treat for me. He is very patient and thorough with a goal to get you even stronger than before the injury. I would recommend him to anyone!"
Oct 01, 2014
"Relocated to Arizona with a post-op ankle. Connected with Rob Blackaby and the Desert Institute of Physical Therapy through my medical team at Stanford. What a blessing! Their technical knowledge, clinical expertise, and natural friendliness made all the difference for my foot and ankle. I am truly grateful to them. Their front office staff provides exemplary customer service to patient clientel. The Desert Institute of PT is the go to place for high quality physical therapy. "
Sep 05, 2014
"Very knowledgeable and dedicated staff that helped me get through some very tough injuries. Great place to go if you're a motocross enthusiasts and they can they can help you back on the bike ASAP"
Sep 04, 2014
"DIPT is the best place to go for PT! Anytime I have an issue or hurt myself, Robb Blackaby and the staff help fix it and teach me ways to prevent injuries in the future. I have referred several friends and family memebrs and they are repeat customers as well!"
Aug 28, 2014
“I came in to see Rob for really bad knee pain. I couldn’t stand or sit for a lengthy period of time without the pain being unbearable. In the time tht I had been here, I can say I have had no knee pain! I can now hike, off-road and go campig without worrying about my knees giving out or leaving me in a lot of pain. I can walk up and down stairs! It’s amazing! The team here is amazing and actually listens to your problems and tries to figure the best way! I highly recommend coming here if you need Physical Therapy. Everyone here is awesome and super nice! Thanks Guys! You guys are awesome!”
Aug 8, 2018

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Getting Fit and Ready for Golf Season

Watch these golf warm-up videos featuring Robb Blackaby from Desert Institute of Physical Therapy, and Mike Poe with Quintero Golf Club, for exercises you can do at home to prepare for the upcoming golf season.

Get Fit for Golf - KNXV-PHX (ABC 15) - 8/27/2017

KNXV-PHX (ABC 15) – 8/27/2017
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Let us help you return to healthy and pain-free living where you can sit pain-free, reach overhead, sleep through the night, return to normal work activities and return to sports and recreational activities.
“Robb and the physical therapists at the Desert Institute of Physical Therapy are exceptional. They have willingly accepted the challenge of treating some of my devastatingly injured patients and the results have been remarkable. They are professional, devoted and represent the elite level of physical therapy that I demand for my multiple injured patients. I have referred several of my family members to Robb and DIPT. Moreover, Robb Blackaby is an enterprising business man, and his development of Medicine in Motion with Clay Selby, PA-C is both innovative and requisite in the action sports world.”

– Anthony Rhorer, M.D.