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Gretchen Bleiler and Kelly Clark - US Snowboard Team

I came in to see Rob for really bad knee pain. I couldn't stand or sit for a lengthy period of time without the pain being unbearable. In the time tht I had been here, I can say I have had no knee pain! I can now hike, off-road and go campig without worrying about my knees giving out or leaving me in a lot of pain. I can walk up and down stairs! It's amazing! The team here is amazing and actually listens to your problems and tries to figure the best way! I highly recommend coming here if you need Physical Therapy. Everyone here is awesome and super nice! Thanks Guys! You guys are awesome!

Charene L.

I rarely have soreness after treatment. My movement is almost 100% and I am sleeping more comfortably. I don't really notice pain anymore and am finally out of my sling.


I have minimal headaches now and they are mild when they happen. I have better range of motion in my neck and the pain is much better. Thanks a lot!


Much better on all accounts. Thank you.


I have progressed well over the 4 months of treatment. I'm close to 85% normal with almost no pain. My walking motion is close to normal with no pain. The staff here is excellent and very attentive to proper movement. Thanks for all the help and support!


I am now able to kneel, crouch, squat, and step down with right knee weight bearing. I was unable to do this before!


Wow! My range of motion is great and I can keep my arm up for a good while and the shooting pains are gone. Thank you!


The swelling in my left foot is much reduced and so is the nerve pain in my leg. It is much easier now to sleep and have a productive day.


I am more flexible and have no leg pain. I am confident that I'm moving forward with exercises that are building a great foundation to heal 100%. Feeling great!


My wrist feels so much stronger and I am able to put pressure on it. I feel like I am ready to get back to playing sports because my wrist is not keeping me from doing anything in my daily activities. My wrist doesn't bother me at work anymore! It feels so much better!


After treatment, I am able to bend forward and backward with ease. The time I have spent here was AMAZING! Thank you DIPT.


After treatment I feel much more confident in my workout routines. My knee feels great! The tenderness is almost gone and my lifts are much stronger.


My pain has now mostly subsided. I d not get hot sensations after exercise now. BIG improvement! Thank you to the whole team!


3 months of therapy worked magic! Now I have over 130 degree range of motion with no pain. My knees feel strong and at this point I just need to work to strengthen the muscles. Thanks to all of you for the great work.


My knee pain has become rare and when it happens it is only about a 3 on a 1-10 scale. Most days I feel no pain. Extremely helpful staff and they were very attentive. I will come back in the future when I have problems. They were very friendly and it was a great atmosphere.


I feel great! I'm back to my normal activity and hopefully back on my skis in December. Thank you all!


I can finally put my arm above my shoulder and behind my back with no problem. No pain in my neck and my strength has returned. I am progressing and getting better!


My ankle feels great! No instability or discomfort or pain with heavy activity. I have returned to full athletic and work activity. I am a firefighter and worked a 48 hour shift and had 2 fires during that time with a great deal of activity on unstable surfaces and had NO PAIN!


After surgery and Physical Therapy I have no other words but amazing! I have no more pain when hiking or walking and no pain during Zumba. It feels great and my movement is better than it has been in 10 years. My experience has been great! Not sure words can do justice! Thank you! I appreciate you all more than you can imagine!


I have greater arm motion, especially when moving it to the back. I'm sleeping better at night and the pain in my shoulder has lessened. Thank you staff for providing me with a great treatment program.


Everything is much stronger. Now my right knee and both hips never hurt. The left knee is bone on bone but doesn't usually hurt anymore either. I can walk 3 miles without a problem! I feel like all movement is much stronger!


Back to most everyday activity including horseback riding! Thanks!


I'm back to where I was before if not BETTER. Looking forward to all of my normal outdoor sports.


Movement is so much better now! I can cross my leg and bend it without discomfort. Getting up from sitting is easier. After therapy I see an improvement each time. It is very exciting after not being able to do certain things without pain for many years. Very happy with my progress up to date!


I have no pain today! I slept well the last couple of nights and I am feeling so much better now. Life is good! Thank you.


I am now functional! I can walk, do stairs, bike ride, and my knee and thigh are stronger. I'm back on an elliptical and in general everything feels better and stronger. I am extremely happy with my progress! All due to my fabulous Physical Therapist and his tech. They are an outstanding team!


I'm feeling much better. 90% perfect with little if any pain during the night. I'm much stronger and my balance has greatly improved.


I can walk, take the stairs, hike, and work out at the gym without limitations. I'm able to resume normal activities of life pain free! Thanks guys!


100% improvement. My quads are firing and the swelling and stiffness has gone way down. My flexibility is very good and there is 100% improvement in my leg strength. Great job by these great people.


Terrific patient team. Thank you!


In January I went 2 weeks straight without pain! If any stiffness the home therapy exercises would get rid of it right away. Thank you DIPT!


Thank you very much everyone! I no longer need a cane and I am walking straighter. I can cross my legs and have more flexibility!


Since being treated, I am able to squat with no pain. I am able to go up and down stairs with no pain. I no longer have pain while performing daily activities at work and home. I am looking forward to begin physical activity again!


All of my incisional pain is gone in my clavicle area. My back pain is better and I was able to go back to work. Thank you!


The high level of professionalism and empathy (shown to me by physical therapists Robb, Garret and other staff members) helped me to improve dramatically in all areas of my disability.

Upon entering the D.I.P.T, I suffered from acute dizziness due to a minor stroke and/or a severe reaction to a six week regimen of antibiotics (strep infection). After many hours (3 hours per week), I gradually regained a better sense of balance that improved my ability to walk. I also experienced a progressive strengthening of my muscles, especially in my legs. I had a problem with edema, and the D.I.P.T. therapists helped me in every session to get rid of it.

The D.I.P.T. staff taught me how to carry over the many exercises in the gym to my own home for maintenance. My depth perception still keeps me from driving a car, and therefore I cannot hold a job, but I have made progress. My cardio doctor was very impressed with my overall progress.

In retrospect, the time spent with the physical therapists, including their skillful abilities, patience and sense of humor, helped me immeasurably to conquer the fears of my physical issues, and I thank them for that.

Randall R. Peterson

Thank you DIPT for helping me get back on the golf course after various injuries throughout the years!

Jonathan Kaye, 2 Time Winner on PGA Golf Tour

Thanks to All!

My progress from a decrepid old man to a normal old man is directly the result of your collective efforts. Upon arrival, my condition was best described as immobile, restricted and in intense pain. All of those negative factors have been reversed by your counsel, physical efforts, encouragement and discipline. My ability to conduct a normal life has returned and I am most thankful to Robb, Jesse, Michelle and each member of the team who had a part in my program, progress and recovery.

DIPT is a tremendous resource and will be both my first choice for future treatment and my recommended facility to those I influence.

Michael Himelfarb

Over the course of a series of sessions working with Robb & Jesse, I achieved a marked improvement in mobility, and simultaneous reduction in pain, from the rotator cuff damage in my right shoulder. As a physician, I am attuned carefully to the degree of professionalism, expertise, and bedside manner any health care provider exhibits. I was pleased at each visit to Desert Institute of physical Therapy to experience a top-notch demonstration of all those qualities on the parts of both Robb and Jesse.

I appreciated in particular their careful attention to, and focus on, the specific maneuvers to address my shoulder problems, not only during the treatment sessions at DIPT, but also in providing me with an exercise routine I can use on my own going forward.

While perhaps not pertinent to this evaluation, I should mention that I had been referred to a different physical therapy practice more convenient to my home. I am a strong believer in the first impression a service business provides, and I was unimpressed by the reception that greeted my initial phone inquiry to that office. I then tried calling a couple of other PT practices in North Scottsdale, but it was not until I contacted DIPT, and was put through immediately to Robb Blackaby, did the "fit" seem right. Robb listened patiently to my needs, inquired about the specifics of my problem, and with quiet confidence suggested an approach he thought would help me. My subsequent experience at DIPT has borne out the appropriateness of that approach.

Steven H. Cobb, M.D.


You must be very proud of your entire staff. I have now been to three different P/T establishments and all three had very friendly staff. Where your business shines is in patient care.

I was seen by Jess & Evan and can truly say "they are the best".

Anonymously submitted

My experience has been very positive! The symptoms I was experiencing prior to my therapy are mostly resolved and my function has been entirely restored. In addition to the treatment I received, I very much appreciated the learning associated with the exercises I did in the gym. The staff at DIPT is really outstanding - from the initial phone contact, therapists and techs!! Special kudos to 'Dr. No' and his suitcase of cups - thanks so much Robb! I never thought I would enjoy pain so much! Special thanks to Jesse for all the work and instruction in the gym! For those who helped me when Robb and Jesse were not available - Kate, Mike, Michelle, Evan many thanks for your professionalism.

I would be please to continually refer people to DIPT!! Many thanks again for restoring my health and function.

Kim Shott

I can't speak highly enough of the first class treatment I have received over the years at DIPT. From Judie and Val up front, to Robb and the team in the treatment area, it's a great experience. I have been treated for knee surgeries, and some back problems, and the results exceeded every expectation I could have had.

Jim "Bones" Mackay

Kate Maurer, PT was my therapist. I have had total confidence in her and she has done an excellent job. She is very caring and dedicated and her knowledge in her field is beyond comparison. I highly recommend anyone that has had a spinal injury or disc herniation to consult with her as she will tell you exactly what therapy she will be doing and watches you every step of the way. Her assistant Michael is is also very good and works with you in the exercise room. The receptionist's are warm and friendly and follow thru with your scheduling and advising the therapists that the patient is there. I highly recommend Desert Institute of Physical to anyone that needs Physical Therapy. I was initially referred by a Doctor who highly recommended this place.

Anonymously Submitted

Laurie was awesome! Very knowledgeable and very prepared when I arrived for rehab. She was a motivator and she would push me when needed. Also, very funny...made it fun.

Anonymously Submitted

I've attended The Desert Institute of Physical Therapy for 12 years. The attention to detail regarding therapy is second to none, along with the atmosphere and dealing with the staff is the reason I will continue to come in the future.

- Eric Chavez
Oakland Athletics Third Baseman

I've been treated at DIPT for several years now and have written a previous letter about Craig Coats, but I need to write another one.

Craig continues to make a major difference in my quality of life through his tireless treatments. He utilizes everything at his disposal, gives me great advice to improve my workouts and often sacrifices his comfort to work on my muscles and joints.

Craig is an incredibly important part of my pain management program, especially after more than a dozen joint surgeries and a variety of related physical issue. His character, personality and sense of humor only add to his skill, incredible professionalism and caring attitude. I simply don't know how to thank him for all he's done for me, so please place this in Craig's file - and don't tell him I said anything nice about him. I have a reputation to maintain. Well, OK, but just this once.

Ken Kroski

Craig, Robb and Ted are the best. They really helped me a bunch. Kudos to Judie up front. Great experience overall. Thank you!

Barry Conser

Corey and Michael were excellent, informative and friendly. They made me feel at home and helped me regain mobility. Judie remembers names!

Dave Blake

Craig was very knowledgeable and patient.

Michael Appelbaum

Robb is fabulous, patient, caring and so helpful. Laurie - I can't say enough wonderful things about her. Their assistants were thorough.

Ellen Rossman

Kate was fantastic! I never doubted her level of expertise.

Chris Foutch

Thoroughly enjoyed the physical therapy/rehab process with the DIPT! Thank you.

John Auran

Kate, Mike and Courtney - Everyone here is amazing! Thank you for helping me to heal myself!

Zoltan Cantillo

Professionalism performed by everyone from front office and billing to therapists.

Cheryl Bristow

You guys were GREAT!! Thanks so much.

Linda Goode

I have referred numerous people here. The level of professionalism, competence and caring inspire the soul and move the body to healing.


The personal attention and professionalism was appreciated!

Steven Capes

Was the best reason my knee recovered from surgery. Thanks!

Lee Rosenthal

DIPT has the best team of therapists in the Valley.

Arron Oberholser, PGA Golfer

The treatment I get at The Desert Institute of Physical Therapy is second to none. The therapists get me healthy and back on the field every time.

Mark Ellis
Oakland Athletics Second Baseman

Thank you Desert Institute!! Bender Performing Arts recommends The Desert Institute to all their dancers in need of physical therapy.

Meredith Bender

Thank you for the excellent care & service you provided. You are all "miracle" workers. I finished the 50 mile run without a problem.

Betheny Rodden

Everything about this institute is great - the friendliness of the staff, their ability to heal quickly, the fantastic effort to schedule according to the patients convenience, and much more. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs physical therapy.

Mary Heppner

The Desert Institute of Physical Therapy is the most knowledgeable & enjoyable strength performance clinic to work with. I feel stronger & more balanced than before my surgery due to their dynamic understanding of how to build or rebuild the ultimate healthy athlete.

Michael Derminio
Professional Golfer

I have no more hip pain thanks to Robb. He was able to identify the cause of my pain and set a treatment plan that worked with my busy schedule. The staff at The Desert Institute of Physical Therapy are fantastic and seamlessly worked together so that I never worried about dealing with my insurance company. They took great care of me every step of the way and I can't thank them enough for restoring my quality of life.

Lora Whooley
Medical Sales Representative

Laurie & Jenny were great about getting me back on the dance floor! Thank you so much.

Hannah McDonald
Student at Pacific Northwest Ballet

Couldn't have asked for a better experience. I was very pleased with all the staff.

Anonymously Submitted

My care was excellent throughout. Treatment was competent and professional and effective. Communication among all departments and with me was very good. I couldn't be more satisfied.

Anonymously Submitted

Instilled optimism, listened to history of the problem, provided clear explanations and demonstrations, established an action with flexible follow-up, PT and ATC provided excellent manual therapy and assistants provided great support with exercise therapy.

Anonymously Submitted

Couldn't have asked for a better experience. I was very pleased with all the staff.

Anonymously Submitted

My care was excellent throughout. Treatment was competent and professional and effective. Communication among all departments and with me was very good. I couldn't be more satisfied.

Anonymously Submitted

Initial evaluation was thorough. Treatment plan was well explained, comprehensive and flexible. Treatment moved at a comfortable pace. Office staff, clinical staff and therapist were pleasant and easy to deal with providing an extremely comfortable and enjoyable experience - even when being poked and prodded. Anonymous

Your team is amazing and very talented. Anonymous

Anonymously Submitted

Instilled optimism, listened to history of the problem, provided clear explanations and demonstrations, established an action plan with flexible follow-up. PT and ATC provided excellent manual therapy and assistants provided great support with exercises.

Anonymously Submitted